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     News and Events
Last AGM was on 01 July 2016. New committee is here.
 Latest News

Next AGM is on Friday 17th November 2017.

The Joes92 Financial Year is now on Calendar Year basis.


 Past Events & Completed Projects

AGM 2017

Christmas 2016

Middle School Chemistry Lab Project


AGM 2016



AGM 2015


Joes92 were A-Upper at the R. Premadasa Stadium on Saturday 14th March, to cheer our
team to Victory.

With Private Papare, and Beverages Unlimited FREE. Prizes & Surprises Galore. All are Welcome!

Please be there by 09:00am.



Mass of Thanksgiving
Joes 92 family mass

Celebrate Forty

Tangerine Beach Hotel on 17th August 2013 night.

An event for the whole family.

AGM April 2013

Annual General Meeting
Date: Friday 05 April 2013
Time: 7:30pm onwards
Venue: Trillium Residencies Rooftop

The Annual General Meeting is an occasion where there is a passing on the baton by those who are
bonded to serve, to those who accept the challenge and responsibility to do a good job of work.

It was a night of great camaraderie, and four new committee members were welcomed, and three
members were given tokens of appreciation for their great work in the fields of sport and other
disciplines, keeping the Batch name known and recognised in College. The new committee may be
found on the committee page.

The photos will be in the gallery soon.

December 2012


Joes 92 had a batch reunion on Sunday 19th August 2012. The photos have been updated
in the gallery


On Sunday December 11, 2011, Joes92 finally had the opportunity to give something back to
the teachers at St. Joseph's who gave us so much during our school days.

Joes92 does not forget.

Dear Teachers, thank you to all who participated, and for those who could not, please accept our
apology for not organising this sooner. The photos are in the gallery; the memories are in
our hearts.


Beira Grounds
Sunday 14 August 2011
Open Gallery

Attractive Prizes were donated by members of the Committee.

This is the poster (click to enlarge)

College Mass 2011

The mass at the College Chapel, on Sunday 20th February 2011 at 8am was organised by
the Joes92 batch. Click photo for the Gallery.

Donation for Bonjean Hall refurbishment

Rector's office, SJC, 15 February 2011. A cheque for Rs. 75,000 was handed over to Fr Rector in the morning   today at 8am. President Sudhira Anthony, Vice President/OBU Council Member Dananjaya Dissanayakek Dushan Cabraal and Navindra Abeysekera were in attendance. Click photo for the Gallery

It all started with a circular dated December 17, 1896, calling for a public meeting to build a hall for activities of    both the college and the Catholic Club. On January 29, 1902 Most Rev. Dr. Andrew Melizan OMI approved a a plan to build the hall as a memorial to Dr. Christopher Bonjean, the first Archbishop of   Colombo,  the man
who was the catalyst for the founding of St. Joseph's College. The foundation stone was laid by his Eminence
Francis Patrick Cardinal Moran in 1901. The bricklayers commenced work on 04 October 1904.

It cost approximately Rs. 75,000 to complete the building in 1914. Almost a hundred years later, this majestic   hall is again in need of a facelift.  It is fitting that the “Batch of 92” contributed a cheque for Rs.75,000  to
Fr. Rector for its refurbishment project initiated by the Old Boys' Union.

Today, the Bonjean Hall still stands as a Centre of Josephian Culture and Art.  It is our hope that it will remain   so serving future generations, and we are glad that we play our small part in achieving this vision.

Josephian Walk 2010 - President's message

Dear Batch Members,

The Josephian Walk was held with a lot of fanfare yesterday, and I must admit that all of us present had a very good time. We had about 35 to 40 batch reps taking part in the walk this time, and my sincere appreciation goes out to all those who attended and took part in the walk.

The paint ball shooting stall organized by our batch was patronized largely by the younger crowd, but it served to gain a reasonable profit. Punith too had a very good response to his stall, but a power fluctuation probably restrained him from taking full advantage.  

I’d like to specially thank Sanjay Kumaratunga for allowing us the use of his paint ball shooting structures, guns, pellets, personnel and the like, without which we would have not had a stall to begin with. Also, Punith and Jerome helped out with the marketing communications material (banners, leaflets, e-DM, etc) at their cost, for which I’m very grateful. A special mention goes out to Dananjaya, Sudhira, Dilan and Indika for helping to organize the event and Roshan for managing the funds prudently. Lastly, but certainly not the least, thanks to the committee and all of you who stayed back to help and offer us moral support till the last minute.

Please look forward to our next event (probably in August), which might be a batch get-together.

Dimithri Perera
President, Joes92


 Annual General Meeting of Joes92
  The 4th Annual General Meeting of the batch was held at Trillium Residencies on Friday 4th
December 2009 at 6pm. There were 31 members present. 
 College Family Mass hosted by Joes92
  Sunday 16th August 2009. College Family Mass organised by Joes92, in the College Chapel 8:30am, followed by breakfast.
   Family Get Together at Lihiniya Surf Hotel, Bentota.

Family Get Together - Lihiniya Surf Hotel, Bentota 2009

These are photos from the Family Get Together on Saturday August 1, 2009 at the Lihiniya Surf Hotel, Bentota.

"I was quite pleased with the turnout, even though their were some initial reservations by some; considering the distance to Bentota. Well, I can only say that those who took the time and effort to come for this get-together did have a good time with their friends and families and certainly found it worth their while."
 - Dimithri Perera, President.

Click the above photo, for the full gallery.


   Cricket Sixes 2009
This year's memorable Cricket Sixes were held at the Beira Grounds, where all of us used to play one bump (and sometimes more sophisticated) cricket. Sunday the 21st of June will live fondly in the memories of all those who were there. 

Click the photo for more photos.
   Keith Keyzer's son, Dilshan

We are proud to announce that our batch mate Keith Keyzer's son, Dilshan Keyzer has been selected to represent Sri Lanka in Basketball for the Asian Tournament .This is an occasion of pride for both our Batch and for our College. Keith s Son has been selected for overseas tours previously, but has managed his expenses on his own until now. This time, Keith requests for a sponsorship from a company who would be interested in providing financial support for upcoming sportsmen. We are doing whatever possible as a committee but would request our members to also look for a sponsor. Hence, would appreciate if you could let me know of any prospective sponsors soon. Meanwhile, you are free to contribute anything you like on a personal basis.

Contact Secretary   |  Powerpoint

Multimedia Centre

The former Senior Laboratory in the old A/Level building was converted to a fully fledged Multimedia centre, and was jointly declared open on Monday 23 March 2009 at 7:45am by "our" Rector, Rev. Dr. Stanley Abeysekera, and the current Rector, Rev. Fr. Sylvester Ranasinghe.

Fr. Rector had entrusted our batch with this project, and we are proud to have accepted and completed it to his satisfaction. This was the major project of the batch, for which all fundraisers benefitted. There is a deficit which we are trying to bridge. For more information, please contact the Treasurer or the Secretary.

  AGM 2008

The AGM for the year 2007/8 was finally held on December 5, 2008. Office Bearers were elected, and the members were informed of the events that were held during the year, as well as events that would be held in the ensuing year. Download Minutes.

  Members' Get-together at Trillium Residencies Roof Top 2008

Many members had come to Sri Lanka for the Christmas vacation. In order to give them and others who joined the Group recently, a chance to meet up, a get-together was organised in January 2008.

Many turned up and in addition to discussing the future projects and plans of the batch, there were few unexpected beneficiaries as well. These beneficiaries were our very own members who were in need of help, some financially and some job-wise. A few members, who were in a situation where they could help, did so admirably, even to the extent of obtaining a job for a batchmate who was "employment challenged". The most beautiful thing in this whole episode was that all these were done in the spirit of  “let not your right hand know what your left hand is doing”. We thank all those who helped and in doing so encouraged us to keep going and also showed us the value of people coming together as one.  

Cricket Sixes – 2008

This was our fellowship cum fund raising event, and held on 24th August 2008 at the CH &
FC grounds, Maitland Crescent, Colombo 7. Around 54 members turned up. However, it was good to meet old friends after many months.

Website for Joes 92

This was launched on Sunday, 24 August 2008 to coincide with the Cricket Sixes 2008.
Special thanks for this project should go to Rajeev Aloysius for all the hard work done to
make this a reality within a remarkably short timeframe.

Group Mass

The Group Mass was held at the College Chapel at 8:30am on Sunday, 21 September 2008. The current Rector, Rev. Fr. Sylvester Ranasinghe, with "our" Rector, Rev. Fr. Stanley Abeysekera, were the co-celebrants. Fr. Stanley delivered the Homily.

   Cricket Sixes – 2007

This was organised by a sub-committee headed by Jeremy Shu and was the first fund raiser event. There was very good and keen participation by the members and even their families.

After some interesting cricket, finally Krishan Alles’ heroics with the bat won the day for his team who were declared worthy champions.

All present were kept entertained by our actor friend, Duminda, who took the mike for the first time with running commentaries and became an instant hit.

All in all it was a very well organized event which culminated with a batch photograph being taken and encores for more and more events of this nature.

 EGM on 6th July 2007 at Old Joes Club

Here we had almost 1/3 of members in attendance. A Special Resolution was passed to increase the Committee to 15 and to appoint the Office Bearers for the term ending with the AGM of 2008. Thereafter the members caught up with old times over dinner.

  Christmas Charity Project 2007

In keeping with the Christmas mood, the members decided to help the less privileged among them by sponsoring all the school requirements, such as clothes, school fees, books etc., for the kids of 2 selected members (whose identities were not disclosed due to humane reasons).  

 Josephian Walk – 2006

Finally “Joes 92” dawned with the “Josephian Walk 2006”. About 50 members of the 92 batch got together for the first time after leaving school as one batch and officially launched “Joes 92” moments before the commencement of the walk by releasing blue and white balloons to the air amidst happy shouts and cheers. 

On this day we came together as one, walked together as one and pledged to be “bonded to serve” together as “Joes 92”! 

    Members Get-together at Otters Aquatic Club – 2006

This was held to increase the membership and give the members a chance to catch up on old times and to gel together as one unit. It was heartening to note many who could not make it to the walk turning up for this get-together and sharing pleasantries over a hearty meal of kottu rotti.

 Christmas Family Get-together  - 2006

In keeping up with the Christmas spirit, a family get-together was organized for the members and their families at the Bonjean Hall. It was a merry event where many new connections were made between families and was even a surprise get-together for some wives who were former school mates themselves.

The kids too had a merry time taking part in the games organized for them and they were not let down by our very own version of “Santa Claus”.

  AGM 2006 

The 1st AGM was held on 18th August 2006 at the Bonjean Hall. Rev Fr. Sylvester Ranasinghe, the Rector, was the Chief Guest. More than 35 members were present and the Constitution of Joes 92 was approved by them They also elected the 1st Committee to run the affairs of the Batch for the year 2006-2007. Sheahan Amarasinghe, a livewire behind getting the batch formed, was unanimously elected as the 1st president of the group.

A nostalgic video show, was presented to the members and the invitees, taking them down memory lane on the good old days at SJC. A DVD of this was presented to Fr. Rector.

It was indeed a very pleasant occasion with members catching up with their “long lost” old buddies from school days, over dinner.


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