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      Job Database
Many other schools have "Old Boy" systems to help alumni of their colleges to obtain employment.

We find that not all of us have been equally lucky economically. Let's gather round by helping our schoolmates with employment opportunities.

Of course, we do not expect anyone to choose anyone but the best candidate, just because he is an Old Joe.  Do your own evaluation by all means!

If you have a job opportunity, please do share it with the Secretary. Include: the position, the qualifications and experience required and the contact details.

If you are looking for a job, we can have a job database on this website. Please include your name, qualifications and experience (a full CV would be excellent). We will not reveal your name and current employer online if you are currently in employment and looking for better prospects.

      Offer to Help

Some of our former batchmates are in a bad way. If you want to help them, please send an email to the Secretary. God Bless.


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