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      17 August 2013
Celebrating 40 reunion August 2013


    AGM 2013
      05 April 2013

AGM 2013

    Cricket Sixes 2013
Cricket 50 Overs 2013
      19 August 2012
Joes 92 Reunion 19 August 2012
    JOES 92 AGM
      24 February 2012
AGM 24 Feb 2012
      11 December 2011
Teacher Felicitation Album One

Teacher Felicitation Album Two

Teacher Felicitation by Joes92
Sunday 11 December 2011
      14 August 2011
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 Sunday 14 August 2011

Soft ball tournament
Beira Grounds
Sunday 14 August 2011

    Batch hosts the College Mass 2011
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    Handing over the cheque for Bonjean Hall refurbishment
see News
    Opening of A/V Auditorium at the Bonjean Hall

by Upul Theverapperuma, SJC OBU
A/V Auditorium, SJC

The 23rd Day of March 2009 was a memorable day for the Old Josephians of the 92 batch, as they officially handed over the newly renovated gleaming auditorium to the College. Rev. Fr. Stanley Abeysekera, who was the Rector of the College during period of 92 batch ceremonially declared open the Auditorium cum Conference hall jointly with the present Rector Rev Fr. Sylvester Ranasinghe, in the presence of other Rev Fr.ís, Sisters, teachers, students and members of the batch of 92.

The new auditorium is a brain child of Rev. Fr. Sylvester Ranasinghe, who saw the need to offer modern conference facilities to the students in an interactive environment. It is equipped with audio, visual and multimedia facilities to assist students to participate in debates and discussions in a very user friendly and encouraging setting. The auditorium used to be the former science lab situated near the back entrance of the Bonjean Hall prior to refurbishing. Rev Fr Sylvester Ranasinghe blessed the auditorium soon after the opening, and speaking on the occasion said that this will be used both for conferences as well as for lectures. He highlighted that the seating arrangements are set in a manner conducive for free flow of ideas suitable for classroom activities as well as for conferences. He thanked the 92 batch for their tireless efforts and stressed that this project epitomizes the appreciation that old boys have for their school. He further emphasised and appreciated that the 92 batch personally got involved in all aspects of the project without outsourcing it to a contractor. The members of the batch of 92 said that they hope that this new auditorium will serve as a unique facility to enhance the academic aspirations of all students for many more years to come.

Here are some photos of the fruits of our labour. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, to all those who do not wish to be named, for the hard work and excellent work done.


AGM, 5 Dec 2008

      AGM 2008

The AGM was held on Friday, 5 December 2008 at the Trillium  Residencies. The new office bearers for the year 2008/9 are on the Committee page.

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    Six-a-Side 2008 Photos
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      The Old Days

1) This photo was taken at the Zoological Gardens in Dehiwela in 1983. The class teacher of E class was Ms. Sandra Vandort.

2) This is the Grade 4D class at the Zoo in 1983. The class teacher was Mrs. Rita Jayasooriya.

3) This is the 4B class at the Zoo in 1983. The B-class teacher was Ms. Annette Dias, and the English Master was Mr. Ranjit Cabraal.

4) This photo was taken in 1991 in the Head Prefect year of Previn Fernando. The Deputy Head Prefect pictured in the centre, is our Dilshan Wewita.

   Big Match 2007
      AGM 2006 Photos





    Josephian Walk 2006 Photos
    Six-a-Side 2007 Photo
    The First Committee of Joes 92

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