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      College Anthem: WHITE AND BLUE
Words by
Fr. J.M. Lanigan, OMI

1. Fruits of Virtue and of Knowledge, here we gather Peace and Power,
Symbolised in yonder banner floating o’er St. Joseph’s Tower,
White and Blue its mystic colours, harmonising strong and clear,
Stolen from the distant mountains, from the wild waves breaking near.
From the wild waves breaking near, Harmonising, strong and clear,
White and Blue our mystic colours, ‘til the mountains disappear.

2. Where the peerless Pearl of Indies hides its glow on ocean's breast,
White and Blue is nature's setting, To the gem she loves the best;
Closely clasped by silv'ry breakers, Fretted from the flowing tide,
Round it heave the swelling billows - Rolling blue o'er waters wide.
Fretted from the flowing tide, Rolling blue o'er waters wide,
Fretted breakers, swelling billows - White and Blue, the Ocean's pride.

3. Where the Ard-righ of the mountains, Gaurisanker, proudly reigns,
Round his throne a thousand vassals, Fearless guardians of the plains,
Thunder back their monarch's greeting, 'neath his canopy of blue -
Lightning-darts their quivers keeping, Shining white their armours hue.
'Neath his canopy of blue, shining white their armours hue;
Snow-clad peak and bended heavens, Keep aloft the White and Blue.

4. Where our Lady, Queen of Heaven, deigned on earth to reappear,
In the grotto o'er the torrent from the mountains rising near,
White and Blue her robe and girdle, Lily white her mantle too -
Then we'll wear Our Lady's colours, Dear St. Joseph's White and Blue.
Then Hurrah for White and Blue, Then Hurrah for White and Blue,
Still we'll wear Our Lady's colours - Dear St. Joseph's White and Blue.

   College Anthem Music

The College Anthem was composed by Edgar and J.M.L. Neydorff, and the original manuscript
is dated 25 November 1920. Mr. Edgar Neydorff was a Silver Jubilarian master at SJC.Although
the College Anthem was written during the final year (1916) of the Rectorship of Rev. Fr.
Charles Collin O.M.I. the anthem was made official during the 2nd term of Rectorship (1920)
of Rev. Fr. Maurice LeGoc O.M.I. The words are by Rev. Fr. J.M. Lanigan, O.M.I.


Harmony (SATB) 2000

Harmony (TTBB) 2017

© 2000/17 Eshantha J. Peiris (2004 batch). Used with the kind permission of the arranger.
All Rights Reserved.

Voicing: SATB (soprano/treble, alto, tenor and bass)
This harmony was realised in January 2000 for St. Cecilia's Choir of St. Joseph's College.

Voicing: TTBB (tenor 1, tenor 2, baritone, bass)
This second harmony for equal voices, is dated 02 March 2017, and was first sung by
the Old Joes' Choir (OJC) at its 20th anniversary concert on the Feast of St. Joseph, on
Sunday, 19 March 2017, and this performance filmed live, is linked above.

The arrangements are for St. Joseph's College, and are to be sung by current boys
and old boys - ‘til the mountains disappear.


  About St. Joseph's and the College Flag

St. Joseph's College is located at No. 214, T.B. Jayah Mawatha (former Darley Road), Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.

You can reach the Welfare Office on Telephone 0112698642. The area is called Maradana or more specifically, Suduwella. The link above opens the Wikipedia article on the College.

Though the first verse of the college anthem says that the colour blue is taken from the distant mountains and the wild waves breaking near, the colours of the college flag are based on the vestments of our Blessed Mother. The founder priests from the Order of Mary Immaculate, could
do no less. This is proved beyond doubt by the fourth verse, in tribute to Our Lady of Lourdes, which was revived as part of the anthem in performances by St. Cecilia's Choir of St. Joseph's College, from 2012 onwards.

Mary is The Mother of Christ, Patroness of Sri Lanka, Queen of Heaven and wife of St. Joseph,
patron saint of the College. Being built with a profoundly Roman Catholic foundation from its French missionary beginnings in 1896, St. Joseph's College teaches Marian devotion throughout the school career of all its Catholic students.


     College Motto

The College Motto is In Scientia et Virtute
pronounced "In Shi-EN-tsee-ah eh VEER-too-tay"

This is Latin for "In Knowledge and Virtue"



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