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      About Joes92

Welcome to our Homepage ! Since 2006, we have promoted a spirit of camaraderie and promoting the values taught to us by our alma mater.

“Joes 92” as we call ourselves, consists of old Josephians who completed or would have completed their A/Levels at St. Joseph’s College in the year 1992.

On the initiative of just a few, well over 50 members got together for the first time since leaving school and came together and walked together as one batch, one group - Joes 92. It was a moving moment for all of us who took part that day.

As if to make up for the lost time, the members heard the call and turned up in their numbers (seemingly from the woodwork!), exceeding 100 for the first Annual General Meeting at the Bonjean Hall, on 18 August 2006. There were cries of "Hel-lo Machan .." echoing in all nooks and crannies of the hall.

The then Rector, Rev. Fr. Sylvester Ranasinghe graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The members were taken down memory lane, via a short but nostalgic multimedia show (which we had not dreamed of in 1992) of the good old school days. The guys who were instrumental in getting “Joes 92” up and running were appointed as the 1st Committee, with Sheahan Amarasinghe – the live wire behind the scenes – being deservedly named as the first President. From there onwards for Joes 92, it has been a steady climb up the “distant mountains” and over the “wild waves breaking near”, with lots of activities, projects to uplift the standard of our school, and more members joining us from around the world.

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Updated 02 November 2017


The committee has decided that the incumbent Secretary will be the point of contact for all members. Click on the link to email.

- Ravindra de Silva

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